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We Are Travel Agents And These Are Our Favorite Business Class Airlines

If you’re looking to travel in style, then you’ll want to check out business class airlines. These flights offer a much more luxurious experience than economy class and often include perks like airport lounge access and priority boarding. In this article, we will provide a list of our favorite business class airlines and why we love them. Read on.

List of Favorite Business Class Airlines for Travel Agents

As travel agents, we often get asked which business class airline is our favorite. It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many great options out there. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top five favorite business class airlines to make your decision a little easier. In no particular order, here is the list:

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is our top pick for business class airlines. They offer a five-star experience with excellent service and amenities. The seats are some of the most comfortable in the industry and the food is outstanding. If you’re looking for a luxurious business class experience, then Qatar Airways is the airline for you.


Emirates is another great option for business class travel. They offer a wide variety of amenities and their seats are extremely comfortable. The service on Emirates is also top-notch and you can expect to be treated like royalty when flying with them. Emirates is one of the top picks for business class airlines. They offer an amazing experience from the moment you step on the plane.

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways has been ranked here because of its seat size, dine-on-demand availability, and thoughtful departure times. The flights between America and Australia can be long so they understand this better than anyone else by providing red-eye services which are very beneficial for all involved parties. Their soft product isn’t going to win any awards but you’ll still enjoy a comfortable mattress topper with lots of space plus an emphasis on comfort, perfect if you’re looking for something affordable too.

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

Japanese hospitality is personified in ANA business class. The staggered seating features direct aisle access and fully lie-flat beds at all seats, giving you a comfortable sleeping surface that’s 21 inches wide with a 62-inch pitch to stretch out on during your flight. You can enjoy tasty Japanese cuisine alongside large footwells perfect for storing any necessary reading material or electronics while you are on the flight.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways business studio class is a great way to fly if you’re traveling with plenty of friends and need some comfortable seats. The configuration of their aircraft offers an optimal amount of space for every passenger, as well as the ability to face whichever direction they choose.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines is one of the top picks for business class airlines. The Chinese carrier offers great value for money, with excellent service and comfortable seats. Hainan’s Business Class product is one of the best in the skies, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great experience flying with them.

Air France

Whether you’re planning a transatlantic journey or just flying around Europe, Air France has something special in store for your business class needs. The airline offers an amazing reverse herringbone layout that will make any trip more enjoyable with its ample legroom and beautiful views of both skywards up towards the clouds as well down below where it meets the seas. With this product flyer scoring 21″ wide by 61″, there’s no excuse not to enjoy all these amenities at one time.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific’s business class has largely remained unchanged for a long time. Their business class consists of reverse herringbone seats in 1-2-1configuration, each  21″ wide and 81″ in pitch/bed length aboard the 777. The layout is very private with stylish cabin finishes that come equipped with Jurlique amenity kits but unfortunately, they have about-average bedding quality. Cathay Pacific Airways’ product stays true to form by providing an immersive experience despite its simplicity.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has just introduced their new business class seat which is similar to Qatar Airways’ suites. With double beds and all of the amenities that come with them, these planes will be able to offer some amazing technology upgrades including blazingly fast Wi-Fi, an 18-inch inflight monitor complete entertainment system, and their signature Book The Cook service.

While there are many business class airlines to choose from, we have our favorites. We’ve listed them here and would love to hear about your experiences with these or other airlines. If you’re looking for a great business class experience, be sure to call us today,  we can help make your travel dreams come true.

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