If you are traveling through China, be sure to visit Beijing- the city offers so much in terms of historical sights, unique experiences, delicious food and amazing museums!

As you will have noticed if you have begun planning your trip to China, there are many flight options for Beijing. Business Class tickets and dis-counted flights to Beijing are easy to come by. All Business Class has the best fares to China and other parts of Asia.

As mentioned, Beijing is rich in history and watching China’s national flag being raised every morning at sunrise is a wonderful sight. You can see this at the famous Tiananmen Square. While you’re there, you can browse the incredible collections that are housed in the National Museum of China which is situated on the East side of the square.

If you head to western Beijing to temple territory, pay a visit to Tanzhe Temple. This gorgeous building is located on a hillside and gives you spec-tacular views of Beijing. Afterwards, have a look at the smaller but just as amazing Fahai Temple. Here, you will find an ancient collection of pre-served Ming Dynasty frescoes. Not far away is Tianyi’s Tomb and the final resting place of the royal eunuch.

You simply cannot leave Beijing without visiting the Great Wall! Although somewhat of a tourist trap, it is definitely something to put on your bucket list and you won’t regret braving the crowds!

For those wanting to sample some genuine Chinese beer, why not go on a pub crawl? The Den is a great place to try a variety of high quality brews. Food-wise, it is the perfect place to try out the best of Chinese food as there is no shortage of excellent Chinese restaurants located throughout the city. You could also enjoy some of the street food!

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