Situated on China’s coastline, Shanghai is one of the world’s most impres-sive cities. It is easy to see why, this sprawling city offers tourists and resi-dents alike the most incredible art, culture and entertainment and you will definitely be spoiled for choice should you decide to visit as your next vacation destination!

Since it is a major Chinese hub, there is no shortage of airlines flying into Shanghai. All Business Class has the best deals with China Southern, Air China, China Air, Delta and others.

Although many people may say that Shanghai pales in comparison to Beijing in terms of culture, there are many museums available. Examples in-clude the Power Station of Art, 2 Long Museums, the Yup Museum and the Rockbund Art Museum. In addition, there are some amazing art galleries that can be visited as well as various art shows and exhibitions.

Shanghai is quickly becoming a modern city and, if you would like to catch a glimpse of the old city, take a trip to the area between the Lujiabang fabric market, Xiaonanmen metro station and the Cool Docks.

If you don’t mind an adrenaline rush, you could ride the rollercoaster in the Pearl Tower! This tower is the city’s most famous building and you will take an elevator up to the top for an incredible view of Shanghai.

If you do not feel like seeing the city from a roller coaster, try the Shanghai World Financial Center. This is also another iconic city building and the 2nd highest viewing deck in Shanghai (at 474 meters).

Sampling the cuisine is a fantastic experience! You need to try some local, Shangahinese food at least once in the many restaurants throughout the city. There is a lot of Sichuan, Xinjiang and Cantonese food for tourists to enjoy.

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