Once you have visited Tokyo, you will never be the same person again!
Tokyo is a unique combination of ultra-modern and traditional living. This crowded and beautiful city is host to some of the world’s most delicious food, incredible skyscrapers and trendy shopping malls.

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Sushi lovers will be in heaven in Tokyo and should definitely do a tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is also the planet’s busiest and largest fish market. If you arrive at breakfast time, do as the locals do, and enjoy a sushi breakfast!

If you are in Tokyo in January, May or September, taking in some sumo wrestling is an experience like none other! Go to Tokyo’s National sumo wrestling hall (Ryogoku Kokugikan) and be amazed!

After all that excitement, you may want a bit of peace and quiet at the peaceful and serene Meiji Shrine which is dedicated to the 19th Century Japanese emperor who introduced Japan to the west. This Shinto shrine will captivate you with its 1500 year old cypress trees and as you purify your mouth and hands at the cleansing station before beginning to pray and meditate. You can also write little wishes on pieces of paper and then tie them onto Meiji Shrine’s prayer wall.

The Tokyo National Museum, the Imperial Palace, the spectacular Ueno Zoo as well as the National Museum of Nature and Science should also be on your list of must-see places in Tokyo and, if you would like a stunning view of the city from up above, don’t hesitate to go up to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building for a panoramic view!

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