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All Business Class

All Business Class has a team of expert vacation planners that will assist in creating your dream getaway.  Our 5 step trip planning process will curate any trip you have in mind, taking into consideration your preferences, interests and budget.

Step 1: The Discovery Call.  Either by phone, Zoom, or in-person, we will discuss all aspects of the trip, like dates, destinations, must do’s, understand your travel style and trip purpose, interests and budget.

Step 2: Flights and Itinerary Planning.  After understanding your trip more, our team will find the best, most logical and economical flights available and build the itinerary around your flights or specific dates.

Step 3: Hotels and Transportation. Now that we know how, when and where you will be heading for your holiday, our team will source the right property, room type, and ensure you always have proper transportation available.

Step 4: Tours and Activities.  Now to the fun part. Whether it’s a cultural experience, a cooking class, or a private guided tour of a 100 year old vineyard, our team will map out the best tours and activities in town.

Step 5: Present All Finalized Components. Once all of the components are agreed upon and booked, we will present the trip to you via a personalized itinerary and mobile phone application. Our travel advisors continue to monitor for any possible flight delays prior to departure, and while you’re on the trip, and make any appropriate changes on your behalf.

All Business Class travel advisors are ready to help plan your next vacation.  Book your Discovery Call today.

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