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From Big Ben To Buckingham Palace: Top 7 Must-See Landmarks In London

London is a city that’s steeped in history and culture, and there’s no better way to experience it than by visiting its top landmarks. From the iconic clock tower of Big Ben to the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, these seven must-see landmarks offer a glimpse into the past and present of this vibrant city.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, exploring these famous London landmarks will leave you with unforgettable memories. You’ll witness some of the world’s most recognizable architecture and learn about the rich history behind each site.

So how many of these traditional landmarks in London do you know about? Let us take you on a journey through the top seven must-see landmarks in London, where we’ll explore their significance and what makes them so special. Get ready for an adventure!

Landmark #1: Houses Of Parliament: The Iconic Palace Of Westminster

The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, is a historic building located in central London. This iconic palace has been the center of British politics for over 900 years and has played a significant role in shaping the country’s history. Here are some interesting facts about this famous landmark:

History And Architecture

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the building’s architecture features Gothic Revival style elements. The palace was originally built in the eleventh century as a royal residence for King Edward the Confessor. Later on, it became the meeting place for English monarchs and their advisors.

In 1834, most parts of the palace were destroyed by fire, leaving only Westminster Hall and a few other structures standing. The new palace was designed by Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin in Gothic Revival style and completed in 1870.

Home To Two Chambers

The Houses of Parliament is home to two chambers: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The House of Commons is where Members of Parliament (MPs) debate issues concerning national policy while the House of Lords is composed mainly of appointed members who scrutinize proposed legislation before it becomes law.

Visitors can take guided tours to explore these chambers and learn about their functions within British politics. They can also witness debates from public galleries when parliament is in session.

Historic Significance

The Houses of Parliament has witnessed many historical events that have shaped Britain’s political landscape. Perhaps its most famous moment was during World War II when Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered his inspiring speeches from its underground bunkers.

Another notable event was when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up parliament with gunpowder in 1605, an act that led to his execution but inspired celebrations across Britain every year on November 5th (known as Bonfire Night).

Interesting Facts

  • The tower that houses Big Ben is officially named the Elizabeth Tower, after Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Palace of Westminster has over 1,100 rooms and two miles of corridors.
  • The House of Commons chamber is decorated in green while the House of Lords is decorated in red.
  • The palace’s clock tower (Big Ben) is one of the most famous landmarks in London and can be heard chiming every hour.

Landmark #2: Buckingham Palace: The Royal Residence And Symbol Of British Monarchy

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s most iconic landmarks, serving as the official residence of the British monarchy. Here are some interesting facts about this historic palace.

Royal Residence And Crown Jewel

The palace has 775 rooms, including 19 state rooms and 52 royal and guest bedrooms. It is also home to the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony, which takes place outside the palace every day at 11 a.m. from April to July, and on alternate days for the rest of the year.

Inside Buckingham Palace, visitors can explore some of its most impressive state rooms. These include the Throne Room where official portraits are taken, and The White Drawing Room where guests are received before being presented to Her Majesty The Queen.

One of the most popular attractions in Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly its collection of Crown Jewels. Visitors can see these priceless treasures up close in a special exhibition that includes crowns worn by monarchs throughout history.

The Royal Mews

Another highlight of Buckingham Palace is its Royal Mews, located just behind the main building. This working stable houses some of the most impressive carriages used by members of the royal family during important events such as weddings or coronations.

Visitors can take a tour inside this historic stable to see how horses are prepared for ceremonial duties, learn about different types of carriages used over time and even see some antique cars used by members of royalty in recent years.

Surrounding Attractions

Buckingham Palace is situated in central London with several other famous landmarks nearby. If you’re visiting this iconic landmark, be sure to check out other popular attractions such as Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly Circus which offer great photo opportunities with their stunning architecture and bustling atmosphere.

If you enjoy sports then head down to Wembley Stadium where you can catch a football match or concert depending on the season.

Landmark #3: Tower Bridge: A Timeless London Landmark

London is a city that is famous for its landmarks, and one of the most iconic of these is the Tower Bridge. This bridge was built in 1894 and has become a symbol of London’s history and culture.

Tower Bridge History

The Tower Bridge was designed by Sir Horace Jones and opened on June 30th, 1894. It was built to allow ships to pass through the River Thames without disrupting traffic flow. The bridge consists of two towers connected by two walkways that are suspended high above the River Thames. These walkways were originally designed for pedestrians to cross when the bridge was lifted to allow ships to pass.


The design of the Tower Bridge is truly unique. Its Victorian Gothic style includes intricate details such as turrets, arches, and ornate ironwork. The bridge’s colors are also significant; it is painted blue with white trimmings which match the nearby Tower of London’s color scheme.

One interesting fact about the Tower Bridge is that it has often been confused with another famous London landmark – London Bridge. However, they are not the same bridge; London Bridge is actually located further upstream from the Tower Bridge.

Significance As A Landmark

The Tower Bridge has become an important symbol of London over time. It represents both its engineering prowess and its cultural heritage. Many visitors come to see this iconic structure every year because it offers stunning views of both sides of the River Thames.

Visitors can also enjoy walking across high-level walkways which provide breathtaking panoramic views over some of London’s most famous landmarks like Tate Modern or St Paul’s Cathedral.

Another unique feature of this landmark is that it opens up to allow large ships to pass through underneath it. This is a rare sight to see, and visitors can watch the bridge being lifted from a vantage point on the walkways.

Landmark #4: The London Eye: Soar Above The City For Stunning Views And A Unique Experience

Panoramic Views Of London’s Skyline

The London Eye is an iconic landmark that offers stunning panoramic views of London’s skyline. It stands at 135 meters tall, making it one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. From the top, visitors can witness some of the most breathtaking sights in London, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A Must-Visit Landmark

The London Eye is a must-visit landmark for anyone visiting the city. Its unique design makes it stand out from other Ferris wheels around the world. Unlike traditional Ferris wheels that have individual carriages, the London Eye has 32 capsules that are attached to its outer rim. Each capsule can hold up to 25 people and provides an unparalleled view of the city.

A Unique Experience

Taking a ride on the London Eye is a unique experience that should not be missed. The slow rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, giving visitors plenty of time to take in all of the sights. The capsules are air-conditioned and provide a comfortable environment for visitors to enjoy their ride.

Tips For Visiting

To make your visit to the London Eye as enjoyable as possible, here are some tips:

  • Book your tickets online in advance to avoid long queues.
  • Consider visiting during off-peak times (early morning or late evening) when there are fewer crowds.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone with you to capture all of the amazing views.
  • Allow plenty of time for your visit – plan on spending at least an hour at the attraction.
  • If you’re afraid of heights or suffer from motion sickness, you may want to skip this attraction.

Other Sights To See

While visiting the London Eye, there are several other sights nearby that are worth checking out:

  • The Southbank Centre – a cultural hub that hosts music, theatre, and dance performances.
  • The SEA LIFE London Aquarium – home to over 600 species of marine life.
  • The Houses of Parliament – one of the most iconic buildings in London.
  • Westminster Abbey – a historic church that has been the site of coronations and royal weddings.

Landmark #5: Westminster Abbey: Britain’s Most Famous Church With Royal Connections

History Of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a church that dates back to the 11th century and has been an important part of British history ever since. It was originally built by Edward the Confessor as a royal church, but it was later rebuilt in the Gothic style by Henry III in the 13th century. Since then, it has been the site of many royal coronations and weddings throughout history.

Royal Connections

One of the most significant events that took place at Westminster Abbey was the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066. Since then, every English monarch has been crowned there except for Edward V and Edward VIII. Many famous figures are buried or commemorated at Westminster Abbey, including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Winston Churchill.

Architecture And Design

Westminster Abbey is known for its stunning Gothic architecture and intricate design details. The abbey features beautiful stained glass windows, ornate carvings, and impressive vaulted ceilings. Visitors can take guided tours to learn more about the history behind these architectural marvels.

St Mary Axe

Before Westminster Abbey stood on this site, there was another church called St Mary Axe. This church was destroyed during a Viking raid in 1013 but was later rebuilt by King Canute. However, when Edward the Confessor became king in 1042, he decided to replace St Mary Axe with a grander building – what we now know as Westminster Abbey.

Coronations And Weddings

Throughout history, Westminster Abbey has been used for many important ceremonies such as royal coronations and weddings. Some notable examples include Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 and Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Poets’ Corner

One of the most popular attractions at Westminster Abbey is Poets’ Corner – a section of the church where many famous poets and writers are buried or commemorated. Some of the notable figures include William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Charles Dickens.

The Unknown Warrior

Another important feature of Westminster Abbey is the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. This tomb contains the body of an unidentified soldier who was killed during World War I. It serves as a memorial to all soldiers who have died in wars since then.

Visiting Westminster Abbey

If you’re planning a visit to London, Westminster Abbey is definitely worth adding to your itinerary. Visitors can take guided tours or explore on their own using an audio guide. There are also many special events and concerts held at the abbey throughout the year.

Landmark #6: Shakespeare’s Globe: A Must-Visit For Theatre Lovers

London is a city full of history, culture, and landmarks. From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, there are many must-see attractions that visitors flock to every year. One such attraction that should be on every theatre lover’s list is Shakespeare’s Globe. This reconstructed theatre has been attracting visitors since it opened in 1997 and has been recognized by Tripadvisor LLC as a must-visit destination in London.

A Popular Tourist Attraction

Shakespeare’s Globe is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. It attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to see the reconstructed theatre and learn about its history. The Globe was originally built in 1599 but was destroyed by fire in 1613. It was rebuilt the following year but was closed down by the Puritans in 1642 and eventually demolished.

A Great Place For Theatre Lovers

For those who love theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe is a must-visit destination. Visitors can take a walk around the theatre and learn about its history through guided tours or audio guides. They can also attend performances of Shakespearean plays during the summer season, which runs from April to October.

The Reconstructed Globe

The reconstructed Globe is an impressive sight to behold. It was designed based on historical research into what the original theatre would have looked like, using materials and techniques that would have been used at the time. The result is a stunning recreation of an Elizabethan playhouse with seating for over 1,500 people.

Take a Walk Around the Theatre

Visitors can take a walk around the theatre and learn about its history through guided tours or audio guides. They can explore the stage, backstage, and even go up to the galleries to get a bird’s eye view of the action. There are also exhibitions that showcase costumes, props, and other artefacts from past productions.

Landmark #7: Hyde Park: A Green Oasis In The Heart Of London

One Of London’s Largest Parks

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London, covering 350 acres. It is located in the heart of the city and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The park has a rich history dating back to the 16th century when it was acquired by Henry VIII as a hunting ground. Today, it is a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of London.

Recreational Activities

The park features a variety of recreational activities that visitors can enjoy. One of the most popular activities is boating on Serpentine Lake. Visitors can rent rowboats or pedal boats and take a leisurely ride around the lake while enjoying views of the surrounding landscape. Another popular activity is cycling. There are several bike rental stations throughout the park, making it easy for visitors to explore all corners of Hyde Park on two wheels.

Famous Landmarks

Hyde Park is home to several famous landmarks that are worth checking out during your visit. The Serpentine Lake itself is one such landmark, as it provides stunning views and opportunities for recreation. Another landmark worth visiting is Speakers’ Corner, where people have been gathering since Victorian times to speak their minds on various topics ranging from politics to religion.


Hyde Park also boasts an impressive array of wildlife, including over 4,000 trees and 170 species of birds. Visitors may spot grey herons fishing in the Serpentine Lake or squirrels scampering through trees in search of food. In addition to these more common animals, Hyde Park also has its own population of hedgehogs and bats!


For those who appreciate horticulture, Hyde Park offers several beautiful gardens to explore. The Rose Garden features over 4,000 roses arranged in stunning patterns that bloom from June until September each year. The Italian Gardens, located on the north side of the park, were created in the 1860s and feature ornate fountains and sculptures.


Throughout the year, Hyde Park hosts a variety of events that are worth checking out. One of the most popular is Winter Wonderland, which takes place during the holiday season. This event features ice skating, carnival rides, and a Christmas market with food and gifts from around the world. In summer months, visitors can enjoy concerts at Hyde Park’s outdoor venue.


Finally, no visit to Hyde Park would be complete without sampling some of its culinary offerings. There are several cafes and restaurants throughout the park offering everything from coffee and pastries to full meals. The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen is a popular spot for lunch or dinner with outdoor seating overlooking Serpentine Lake.


London is a city full of iconic landmarks, each with its own unique history and significance. From the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge to Hyde Park, there is no shortage of must-see attractions for visitors to explore. Whether you’re interested in architecture, history, or simply taking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city, London has something for everyone.

So why not plan your next trip to London today? With so much to see and do, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for years to come.



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