Flying Business Class

7 Surprising Things Included When Flying Business Class

Flying business class is a luxurious experience, but what do you actually get when you upgrade? In this article, we will discuss seven of the most surprising things that are included when you fly business class. From a comfortable seat to access to airport lounges, business class travelers enjoy many benefits! Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when flying in style.


1. A Comfortable Seat

When flying on a commercial plane, the last thing you want is to be crammed into your seat with no elbow room for several hours. This is why business class tickets are so appealing—the seats are much wider and offer loads more legroom. That extra comfort can make an enormous difference in the quality of your journey, allowing you to settle in and relax or even get some sleep.

2. Access to Airport Lounges

One of the biggest perks of flying business class is having access to airport lounges. These spaces offer a variety of amenities that can make your journey a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. In the lounge, you can take advantage of complimentary WiFi and chargers for your devices. Healthier snacks and drinks are usually available too, so you can grab something before boarding without needing to worry about an extortionate price tag.

3. Priority Boarding

Flying can be a stressful experience, but boarding the plane is often the most anxiety-inducing part of all. It’s usually like a mad rush to secure a good spot for your carry-on bag and find the right seat. Fortunately, if you’ve splurged on business class, you’re likely to be given priority over coach passengers when it comes time to board. That means you won’t have to wait in line nearly as long or compete with other people for space in the overhead bin.

4. Early Check-In

If you choose to fly business class, you get a lot more than just extra legroom. Being able to check in early can be a real godsend for those who don’t want the stress of dealing with hectic airport queues. For example, if you’re running late or someone needs assistance getting their bags through the door, then having time to sort that out before your flight departs can be invaluable. Not only that but checking in early also means less time standing around waiting for your boarding call and more time to unwind before your journey begins.

5. Increased Luggage Allowance

If you’re someone who loves to travel but hates the hassle of trying to fit all your gear into a tiny suitcase, booking yourself a business class ticket has its advantages. Not only does it give you access to higher-end amenities like wider seats, more leg room and priority boarding, but it also allows you to bring along more stuff. In most cases, business class passengers are allowed two checked suitcases each, whereas a coach usually allows one. This extra baggage allowance definitely comes in handy when packing for an extended stay or for a getaway that requires a number of items. You can bring whatever you need without having to worry about rent fees or fitting everything into one bag – often liberating travelers from the logistical nightmare of packing.

6. In-Flight Meals and Drinks

Flying business class has many benefits that make it worth the extra cost. Apart from being surrounded by luxurious amenities, you can also look forward to an array of dining options that are served during the flight. The level of quality and variety depends on the airline, but generally speaking, passengers can enjoy delicious meals accompanied by complimentary beverages such as wine, beer, and soft drinks. Some airlines even offer snacks and desserts so that you never have to go hungry between meals. And if you’re feeling thirsty? Don’t worry – cabin crew are always ready to serve up something refreshing on board.

7. Special Treatment from Flight attendants

Flight attendants frequently go above and beyond the call of duty to provide extra care to guests traveling in business class. They go to great lengths to ensure that your flight is as relaxing as possible, doing everything from supplying you with more pillows and blankets to providing unique services such as champagne service.

When it comes to flying, business class is the way to go. You get all of the perks of first class without having to pay the price tag. From more comfortable seats and a better selection of food to priority boarding and getting your bags first, there are plenty of reasons to fly business class whenever possible. Have you flown business class before? What was your experience like?



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