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5 Reasons A Personal Travel Agent Beats an Online Travel Agency

Do you ever wish someone else could handle all the hassle of planning your next big trip? Going online to search for last-minute deals and haggling with travel agencies can be tedious and time-consuming. Believe it or not, a personal travel agent may be exactly what you need!

Here are five reasons why hiring an experienced, professional travel agent beats using an online agency any day: convenience, price comparisons, insider knowledge, assistance before and during your trip, and personalized services. Read on to discover how a personal travel agent can make booking your vacation easier than ever before!



A personal travel agent can be significantly more convenient than an online travel agent for a variety of reasons. For starters, with a personal travel agent, you get the benefit of personalized service. Instead of sorting through dozens of websites to find the best deals, you have one go-to person who can provide you with tailored recommendations and advice that fit your needs. Furthermore, they are often able to negotiate with airlines on your behalf and get you better deals than what is available online.

In addition to this, having a personal relationship with your travel agent means that they understand your needs and preferences better and can customize their services accordingly. This could include recommending interesting destinations based on what you like, finding flights that work around your schedule, or giving helpful tips about where to stay and what attractions to visit.


Comprehensive Services

Another advantage of using a personal travel agent is that you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties or complicated booking processes when it comes to flights or accommodations. With a personal travel agent, all the steps from researching flight prices and itineraries to completing ticket purchases can be done in one place without having to navigate multiple websites or worry about tech issues getting in the way.

Having a personal touch makes planning trips much more enjoyable because it allows people to create unique experiences tailored specifically for them instead of feeling like just another number in an online booking system.


Price Comparisons

When it comes to comparing prices for flights and other travel services, personal travel agents can often offer better deals than online travel agents. This is due to the fact that they have access to a database of prices and discounts that aren’t available to the public. Personal travel agents are also able to leverage their relationships with airlines, hotels, and other suppliers to negotiate the best possible rates on behalf of their clients.

Additionally, personal travel agents have more flexibility and options when it comes to selecting the right flight or package at the right price; online bookings can be limited by rigid scheduling and pricing rules.


Extensive Customer Support

Personal travel agents also provide extensive customer support; they take the time to understand their client’s needs in order to create a tailored experience that suits their budget, schedule, and expectations. They’re available for consultation if any issues arise before or during a trip, and are often able to resolve problems quickly through their knowledge of the industry.

Furthermore, personal travel agents will typically take into account additional factors such as the availability of seats in certain cabins, blackout dates for particular flights or packages, cancellation policies for different carriers, etc., which may not be visible when shopping online. This ensures that travelers get the best value for their money when booking through a personal agent rather than an online outlet.


Assistance Before And During Your Trip

Personal travel agents offer a level of assistance before and during trips that online travel agents simply cannot match. For starters, personal travel agents can provide personalized attention to their clients, allowing them to better understand each traveler’s individual needs and preferences. This understanding can lead to more tailored advice on locations, activities, hotels, flights, and other elements of the trip that best suit their client’s desires. Additionally, personal travel agents are able to use their industry connections and expertise to secure exclusive deals and discounts for their clients that might not be available through online travel agencies.

When it comes time for the actual trip, having a personal travel agent is invaluable. From coordinating transportation arrangements to booking activities or sightseeing tours in advance, a personal travel agent will have all the details handled so the traveler doesn’t have to worry about missing out on any of the experiences they want to have during their trip. Furthermore, some personal travel agents may even be able to intervene in emergency situations or confer with medical professionals if necessary while also providing emotional support in such trying times.

In summary, having a personal travel agent provides an extra layer of support both before and during a trip which is difficult or impossible to replicate using an online travel agency. Their experience and connections allow them to secure exclusive deals for their clients as well as provide detailed assistance before and during the trip itself to ensure travelers have the best possible experience when visiting new places. Traveling soon? Call us today!



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