San Ramon, CA – Your Best Winter Getaway

We’re all about planning for the future, and now more than ever, we’re finding ourselves with the time to think about where and when we’ll go next. By booking now with insurance, you ensure the safest way to the trip of your dreams is a safe one. Here are our top recommendations for this year’s winter destinations. 

Whether you’re looking to escape the cold, or see it in its glory; we think you’ll love the following luxury destinations for your winter escape;


1. Prague, Czech Republic; Prague’s annual celebrations for Christmas make our list of best winter destinations for the year for several reasons, and fortunately, although Prague’s December weather can be cold, the rainy season will have ended, so you won’t catch yourself out in the rain. Visit famed Christmas markets with vendors selling unique and beautiful goods and crafts, go ice skating in Prague’s old town, or explore the culinary arts – Prague’s palette is better known to suit the winter months. Be sure to try zelňačka or guláš; the regional dishes of heavy stew made from cabbage or meats and onion, you’ll be sure to warm up to the holiday mood. You’ll feel like you’ve been swept up into a winter wonderland, and to top it all off, it’ll be the official start of the wine season, or svařák season.


2. Maldives; Although also a year round favorite destination, the Maldives are especially tranquil in the month’s away from the summer when tourism is at its height. Visit closer to December and you’ll find the seasonal rain on its way out, leaving you with unchallenged views of each and every picturesque sunrise and sunset. To top off the holidays, a festival of Christmas is widely celebrated in the Maldives, where carolers can be seen filling the streets and communities both visiting and from the area can come together to celebrate the beauty of the island and the joy of the holiday.


3. Havana, Cuba; December marks the beginning of Cuba’s dry season, making it the perfect tropical destination for the sunshine seeking traveler. With lots to do, plenty to see, and clear blue skies every day, you’ll find out why it’s become one of the more popular tourist destinations of today. Wander the streets of the small enclave of Spain in the Caribbean, and find tequila cantinas hidden amongst historical churches, and neoclassical palaces, and the more modern, popular, brightly colored street art found in and about the city. If that isn’t enough excitement for you, visitors can expect Cuban dancers to put on a show to Caribbean tunes, taste fiery island cuisines, and chat to the mountain folk of the south at the Fiesta de la Cubania in Bayamo at one of their weekly celebrations. 


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(Source: Culture Trip)


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