San Ramon, CA – Where to Plan Your First Trip After COVID-19

So many options, and with nothing but time on your hands to research them, we’d like to suggest to you the following, as your first destinations after the COVID-19 Pandemic.


It’s a big big world out there, how do turn my bucket list into a to-do list?


The most important factor in planning a trip is paying attention to the amenities available, and whether they match your lifestyle and the kind of trip you are seeking. Next, you must keep in mind the time of year, and how it will affect each destination. Our top choices for the most beautiful, and seasonally appropriate fall weather destinations include the following:


  1. Poland, for the view seeker.
  2. Peru, for the outdoor lover.
  3. Tanzania, for the adventurer at heart.
  4. Denmark, for the romantic in all of us.
  5. Russia, for the architecture & culture.
  6. Hungary, for fashion and art like you’ve never seen before.
  7. Australia, for bountiful wildlife you’ll never forget.


How do I know I’m getting the best deal?


Easy; call and let us know as soon as you’re ready to make plans. Some of the best upcoming deals will be available at the start of summer, and will carry on through the year as the travel industry begins to pick itself back up. Booking your plans several months to a year ahead of time not only helps to ensure that you’ll be able to book what you want when you want, but that if any deals or available specials come up before you plan to travel, we can help you to get the most for your money. 


When is the best time to book my next trip?


Although now is not the best time to travel, it’s actually the best time to book and plan for the future! As new deals arise and the traveler returns to jet-setting, we are looking to keep you up to date with the best destinations and the best times to visit them. 


As always, we at All Business Class are here to answer your questions.


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