San Ramon, CA – Top 5 Destinations for the Fashion Lover

For those who shop – for the fashionista, for the gifter, for those who deserve it, and those who don’t – here’s our round up of our top favorite 5 destinations for the fashion lover:



  • Paris; In one of the largest cities best known for its many vintage clothing shops, Paris is the perfect backdrop for the fashion lover from any decade. Stroll down popular streets and alleyways and you’ll stumble across new brands, designers, and fashion unlike anywhere else.


  • Milan; World renowned fashion shows from designers all over the world, Milan is home to some of the world’s biggest fashion shows of today. Now the largest home of styling, showcasing, and photographing fashion next to New York  or Paris Fashion Week.


  • Barcelona; Whether you’re drawn to the fashion of today, tomorrow or yesterday, Barcelona offers it all. With many of the places worth visiting only walking distance away from many of the more popular tourist attractions in Spain.


  • London; Streets like Portobello road have become shining gems of the underground city hiding vast streets filled with fashion, jewelry, art, housewares and shops that are absolutely worth a morning stroll around the block. A quick note to the film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” one of Disney’s animated films featuring a musical number about the treasures you can find buried on this famous London alleyway. Don’t forget about the world famous Harrods shopping mall, known for its elaborate design, and a top floor that once housed exotic birds & mammals for purchase. It is now a mecca of modern fashion and culture.


  • Florence; For the best in high-end and luxury shopping, we suggest the outlet malls of Italy. With fashion from American, Italian, French, Spanish and more designers, you’ll have so much to choose from, we suggest exploring it all. If you’re looking for luxury without the brand, try heading to one of Italy’s famous leather market. Strike a deal with one of hundreds of leather dealers or run the nose of a “lucky” hog statue that guards the front of one of the larger markets in Firenze.



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