San Ramon, CA – The Toronto Edition

Ever considered a vacation to Toronto, Canada? Here’s a few reasons why we think it’s worth making your list of destinations.



Canada’s largest city is known for its many museums, varying cuisines, nature parks, and breathtaking views. Some of our favorites from the city include the following:


  • Scarborough Bluffs; one of the largest and most beautiful views stretching down the coast to the East of Toronto is a hotspot for hiking. Experience the scenic beauty from a vehicle or visit the beaches below for a picnic.


  • High Park; the largest public park in Toronto reaches more than 400 acres and provides everything from its pristinely manicured lawns to swimming pools, ice rinks and tennis courts. This is the ideal place to take your pets or kids on a warm day.


  • The Art Gallery of Ontario; housing a collection of more than 90,000 works, many of which are known for Canadian or Indigionous backgrounds, this gallery has itself become a piece of art work. Canadian architect and artist Auguste Rodin recently helped to renovate the museum to become a piece of art in itself.


  • Bata Shoe Museum; housing the private collection of world traveler Sonja Bata with more than 13,000 shoes and related pieces on display. Shoes on display include some from well known celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Madonna, Queen Victoria, and evening the Dali Lama.

  • CN Tower; what was once and for a long time known as the tallest building in the world, this tower serves as the broadcasting and tourist center of Toronto. The building itself showcases many observation decks, luxury food and wine, and if you’re really brave – you can experience the “edge walk.” The edge walk is an experience where you will be able to walk out onto a platform over a nearly 2,000 foot drop over the street level.


  • Casa Loma; One of Toronto’s only castles; this 98 room chateau was built in 1914 and now stands as a museum popular amongst film makers. The chateau has hidden passageways, an underground pool and gardens that make it a unique destination. This chateau is most notably seen in the production of X-men, as the location of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.


  • Mill street brew pub; Toronto’s indoor Distillery District. Inside of these pedestrian only Victorian style warehouses, you can taste the best of Toronto.


  • St. Lawrence Market; For when you’re done at the pub, catch the most and best fresh foods available in Toronto’s most famous marketplace. Known for produce, meats, cheeses and more. The marketplace is home to The Market Kitchen, where you can go and participate in cooking classes or hands on dinners that start with shopping in the stalls around you.



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