San Ramon, CA – The Foodie’s Guide

Calling all home chefs, chopping board chiefs & self-acclaimed test tasters; we’ve rounded up a list for you of some of the best foodie experiences around the globe you’ll want to experience before you die:



The following are our best picks for traveling anytime after the summer of 2020. Don’t forget to continue to stay home today, to make our traveling dreams of tomorrow a reality. Call and ask now about booking now to travel later.


  • For the Chef: Barcelona, Spain

Get behind the counter and fulfill your greatest cooking desires in paella cooking classes at one of the many hands on kitchen experience centers for beginners and experts alike, or sipping world famous sangrias at Teleferic, known for their Barcelona, Spain, and Walnut Creek, CA locations.


  • For the Lush: Champagne, France

The birthplace of champagne and the location of Dom Perrignon’s final resting place marks the historically and culturally rich countryside of Champagne. Tour the grounds of Veuve Clicquot, Tattinger, Moët & Chandon or one of the many other family owned or luxury champagne tasting destinations in the town. With lots of French and Italian food in the surrounding countryside, you’ll be able to sniff out some lunch to keep you moving along the way.


  • For the Adventurer: Tel Aviv, Israel

With surrounding towns and cities like Jaffa and Jerusalem, Tel Aviv has become a foodie’s must for destinations. Wander up and down through covered, lit up street markets lined with vendors selling everything from Israeli foods and drinks, to antiques and clothing unlike anywhere else.


  • For the Sweet Tooth: Rome, Italy

Rome, and much of Italy, is known for its tea creamy, relative to ice-cream, Gelato that’s worth writing about to begin with. One of our favorite sweet spots in Rome houses a floor to ceiling, Venchi chocolate wall a block or so walk away from the Trevi fountain, in the heart of the city, Once you find yourself here you’ll find it’s hard to stay away from so much more than the gelato, but all that Italy’s extravagant cuisine has to offer, and the overwhelming amount of history to see in the surrounding setting.


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