San Ramon, CA – The Best Way to Wine Taste through Italy

Your Best Ticket to Wine Tasting through Italy; and it’s only one phone call away. We’re dreaming of romantic countrysides of the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest, in alcohol that is. Here’s how to score the best, without overspending:

  • Wine Tasting in the Chianti Region; The Tuscan countryside claims home to some of the top wines in the world – and Italy ranks #2 for best wines internationally – after only the US.

  • Cheese pairings in the Local Town Shops; Don’t bother with fancy tours and tourist traps, stop over at your nearest cheese & alcohol shop, likely to already be advertising wine or other alcohol tastings with their cheeses, and try the best the community has to offer. Don’t miss out on the world famous Limoncello; some shops even specializing in this sharp drink specifically create gourmet variations on this classic Italian palate cleanser.


  • Private Group Tours; We recommend first and foremost the smaller, more private luxury alcohol tasting tours. The benefit of these smaller sized groups is the flexibility you’ll have with your tour guide, and ability to play with the schedule, whereas with larger tour groups, you’ll need to keep a tight schedule without leaving the course of the plans. With smaller companies, you’ll be able to get in everything you want out of a tour of the world’s birthplace of wine.

  • Don’t Forget to Ask for Help! Your servers and tour guides love to help you try their favorite wines and drinks. Ask locals and tour guides for recommendations for the best places to eat, and ask your host or server for their personal favorites and specials to always come out ahead. Friendly tourists are known to be given good treatment in excess in Italy, often in the form of free limoncello from your hosts. Don’t forget to call and book with us for recommendations on the best private tour guides, wine experts, and historians in Italy.



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