San Ramon, CA – The Best Places to Visit with a Historian

We love history. The only thing we love more than learning about our planet and it’s past, is learning about it from experts, in the places history was made. Follow along for our favorite places in the world to go for a history lesson;


  • The Vatican; Italy. The Vatican, the smallest country in the world, has become well known for tourism and rich cultural and religious history. Dating back to the 4th century AD, these  walls – also some of the most lavish in the world – can be toured on your own, or as we’ll recommend, with a historian. With proper planning, you’ll even be able to catch The Pope for an afternoon blessing, or traveling to and from the surrounding areas, coming in and out of the building using secret passageways and tunnels.


  • Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem is known as one of the most holy places on earth, and for good reason. History teaches that this was the resting place and resurrection space of Jesus Christ. You yourself can go today and see where Jesus dined at his last supper, where he was killed, and where he was found to have been brought back. Other historically rich monuments nearby include the Western Wall, where you can leave notes in cracks in the blessed wall as a form of prayer. When you’ve seen enough, you’ll be close enough to visit Golan Heights, where you’ll see views of Israel and its bordering countries at a place of universal peace.


  • Chateau Versailles, France. Our favorite method to soak in this massive feat of architecture is through private tours led by historians. If you’re looking to keep things lively, we recommend one of the more popular bike riding tours. Start your journey several blocks away from the chateau, and historians will guide you along easy bike routes to nearby marketplaces for lunch or snacks and guide you through the luxurious palace grounds while informing you of the incredible history of those who built and lived there. After you’ve experienced the grounds, you’ll be taken inside the palace, and find you already know more than most about the history of the incredible building. If you’re traveling in warmer months, we recommend watching out for Versai’s summertime firework, nighttime displays. They happen fairly frequently, and you can usually tour the grounds freely before the shows begin. A perfect adventure for the whole family.



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