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The best of Paris; for the luxury seeker.

We love to visit France; as one of the only places in the world with food and wine to challenge America’s own, and centuries of history at every street corner, you already know you want to go – now you just need to map out how you’ll spend you time there!


  • Dine at the Jules Verne Restaurant; in the Eiffel Tower. Critically acclaimed, and Michelin Star awarded, The Jules Verne Restaurant sits at the midpoint of the Eiffel Tower, giving you the best view of all of Paris. Make a late dinner reservation to catch the tower’s famous sparkle from the inside out at 11pm each night, or visit seasonally and you’ll be so lucky as to be serenaded at your table by musicians as well.


  • Have a Picnic at the Seine River; don’t forget the cheese, baguette & wine! Every street corner seems to have a shop to buy a bottle of wine, a fromagerie filled with world-class cheeses, or patisseries lined with top notch breads. Pickup a few and make your way to near the Louvre by the Pont des Arts. It’s best for viewing fireworks on nights of celebration, or find yourself nearer the square du vert galant on the western end of the Ile de la Cite for a greener environment than the bridge. If you find yourself alone, pickup a good book in French or English along the river in Green Bookshops, attached onto the bridge.


  • See the Mona Lisa in the world famous La Louvre museum. The Louvre is so large, or is believed that due to the volume of art housed in the museum, it would take nearly 100 full days to view, in full, each work. While the Mona Lisa may be a crowd favorite, we encourage you to check out some of the other rooms on display. Plan for lots of time, and consider taking a guided tour. It’s the best way to see the more popular pieces on display in a reasonable time frame. 


  • Walk the Underground shopping mall by the Forum des Halles. This rebuilt shopping mall is directly connected to the massive RER and métro transit hub of Châtelet-Les-Halles and features dozens of stores, restaurants, two cinemas, and a sports and recreation center. Parisians have large sales that many to most vendors participate in seasonally, expect the best deals to happen over the summer months here.


  • Visit Palais Garnier Opera House. Take a tour of Paris’s most prestigious, 19th-century opera house. Napoleon III commissioned the opera house as part of renovation works in the capital carried out under his command, now open to visitors during the day staging opera and dance. The building is well known for its intricate ceiling painted by Chagall in the main auditorium. The style, similar to that of Versaillies, is so over the top, you won’t want to miss this masterpiece of a building.


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