San Ramon, CA – The Artist’s Escape

For those who appreciate, those who critique and those who create, there are so many attractions around the world worthy of your visiting, it can be hard to narrow it down.


Your art lover’s travel bucket list should include the following:

  • The Palace of Versailles; In the South of France. This architectural wonder houses the original floor plan from 1631 that Marie Antoinette herself once laid rein to, that holds the remains of the pre-revolution spendings you can’t miss. From the massive, extensively groomed gardens with frequent firework displays and celebrations, to the miniature folk town Antionette had set up as her own private playground, it’s a full day’s worth of exploring at the minimum for the art lover inside and out


  • The Tower of London; A perfect preservation of art and history to include the royal jewelry collection over the years and enough history to last in years of lessons. The Tower of London is an architectural feat you’ll quickly see at first glance of the massive, intact, once used tiger-most pit is worth the trip. 


  • The Murano Glass Factory; Venezia, Italy marks the epitome of elegance from floor to ceiling with glass art challenged by few and known by many. Take a tour of this esteemed factory known for its over the top chandeliers and products shipped all over Italy and the world and watch master glass blowers create art before your very eyes.


  • The Tulip Gardens in Amsterdam; best in bloom at the end of April or beginning of May, Keukenhof makes the top of our bucket list of art destinations as one of the most beautiful in nature, and our list of 2021 destinations. The best inspiration is in nature, and if you find yourself yearning for more, you’re only a short plane ride away from France, where you can circle back to the top of this list, or visit Monet’s personal home gardens for more flowers like you’ve never seen before.


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