Airline Lounge

San Ramon, CA – Need A Luxury Travel Agent? – The All Luxurious Concorde in London

 At the London Heathrow Airport beyond the first class lounge you will find one of the finest exclusive airport lounges ever. This lounge is exclusively available to passengers flying first class with British Airways. In order to be granted access, flyers must be leaving from the Heathrow airport to be granted access, a new limitation that was added.

Unlike other airport lounges, Concorde Lounge offers a full-service kitchen that is made ready upon order. This prestigious lounge offers breakfast, lunch and dinner upon request. Beyond the dining area is the lounge bar and cocktail lounge. This specialty bar offers an extensive list of handcrafter cocktails and large selection of wines.

If you are looking to relax, the Concorde Rooms offers a number of areas to lounge and relax. Located between the first-class room and the Concorde Lounge lies a full-service spa that is complimentary to all first-class travelers. Treatments for guests can be reserved up to 28 days in advance. Additionally, the lounge is decorated with luxurious furniture with high backs and a quiet area to lay down and close your eyes. If you are feeling more social there is a large fireplace located in the center of the lounge to enjoy your cocktail and sit with others.

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