San Ramon, CA – Key Questions to Ask Your Travel Agent

The Best Questions to Ask a Travel Agent: The Insider Scoop

Not asking the right questions is the number one mistake people make when meeting with a travel agent. To make things easy for you, we have put together a list of questions you shouldn’t skip asking when talking to your travel agent about booking your itinerary.

Let’s break it down.

Questions Regarding the Destination:

  • Which destination in the world will suit my interests and offers what I want from a trip?
  • Where is the best place to go at the time of year I am looking to travel?
  • Are there any festivals, unique weather patterns, or celebrations I can lookout for?
  • Are there any places I should avoid?


Questions Regarding your Agent’s History:

Many people hire an agent that is either an amateur or fraud and end up getting ripped off. Here are some questions to help filter out the people you will and won’t want to work with.

  • What is your specific area of expertise?
  • Tell us about your personal travel history.
  • Have you been to the place where I am planning to go?
  • How many people have you sent to this location in your career as a travel agent?


Questions Regarding Travel Insurance and Other Documents: 

When speaking with your travel agent for a trip that you plan, make sure to inquire about insurance and relevant documentation. 

  • In case my trip gets canceled, will you give a refund for my money?
  • What documentation should I carry with myself as I travel?
  • Will I need a passport or visa before I leave?


Questions Regarding Fees:

Planning a trip isn’t cheap, and to protect your investment, you must ask the following questions from your travel agent.

Transaction Fees: 

  • Will all the purchases be charged under a single transaction?
  • Is there a separate fee for the transaction for each booking?
  • Do changes in hotel and transport require a new transaction fee? If so, then are these fees waived in case changes are made within a particular period?


Are There Any Cheaper Alternatives?  

  • If I fly at a different time during the day, will I save some cash?
  • Does choosing a room at a different hotel reduce my fee?
  • What days of the week can I save the most money traveling?
  • What are the deposit fees I need to pay?
  • Are the tickets refundable or movable to a future trip?


Questions Regarding Communication:

  • How do I contact you in case of an emergency? Do you have a customer helpline?
  • Can I contact you after business hours?


To have a safe and enjoyable trip with your loved ones, make sure not to overlook the following questions when speaking to your travel agent.

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