San Ramon, CA – How COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Travel

Now that COVID-19 has changed the way we travel today, we’re left wondering how it’ll change the future of travel.


First, we are ready for a cleaner, more health conscious future.

The key element to progress is the conscious traveler. Much like it’s important to preserve the cultures of the places we visit, it’s important to preserve the cleanliness as well – for you, and everyone around you. We are going to see a massive upstep to the sanitation and hygiene standards processes we have in place, and should expect nothing less.


Second, we book smarter. 

In our immediate future of travel, we don’t see anyone booking without insurance. Insurance used to be considered a non necessity, but these days there really isn’t any other option. By booking your trip ahead of time with insurance, you insure the opportunity to change your mind, your plans, and your flights later on down the road.


Third, we are more respectful travelers. 

During tough times, there is nothing more important than to keep a calm, bright outlook on your future. When we do travel, we will not be anything short at grateful for the opportunity to be doing so, and each day we travel we will find beauty in the things we may not have noticed before. 


And finally, the next hot vacation spots?

The safest, most beautiful place to be – in nature. There is nowhere better to heal your mind and restore your body than right where you were intended to be. Travel to nature hotspots in the months warming up is likely to be in high demand, and we suggest booking earlier rather than later, so when the time comes, the option will be available to you. By booking your trip now for later, you can travel with ease, when the time is right.


Let us help you get there. By booking now, and traveling later when it’s safe to, you can travel worry free in the future. As always, we at All Business Class are here to answer all of your international travel questions, online or over the phone.


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