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When the time comes to travel again, we know you’ll be just as excited and ready as ever – some of you may even be a bit anxious to get going again. For those of you who’ll be ready for the race, for the fast and the furious seekers out there – we think we know how you might enjoy your next trip abroad.

  • Rent the Luxury Car of your Dreams & Take it for a Spin Round a largest Speed-Limitless Roads in Germany; Pick Up a Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini or Aston Martin on your way to The German Autobahn highway, famously known for not having posted speed limit markers in some areas, and speeds posted up to roundly 80mph in other areas. The network of roads reaches out far enough that you’ll be able to speed your way through Germany to Switzerland and Austria. Be sure to avoid traffic heavy times of day, and these German high speed freeways can become your next dream, high-speed destination.


  • Rent a Professional Driver and be Driven in an Exotic Vehicle of Your Choice to a Yacht in Italy; Let professional drivers with years of experience behind the wheel for a change and be driven around the countryside of Italy and to a luxury yacht experience in Monaco. You may customize your preferences as to how secluded you’d like your party to be, and your professional driver will help you have fun, whether you’re a slow cruiser kind of person, or you’ve got a bit of a need for speed. These tours are available all over Italy and other parts of Europe, but we suggest sticking close to the Monaco harbor to catch the best sunsets.


  • Face the Fastest Rollercoaster in the World, Dubai; For the truly brave, head to Dubai for the fastest rollercoaster in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World, the “Formula Rossa” coaster takes passengers from 0 to nearly 150mph in a mere 4 seconds. Continue the thrill with other attractions in Ferrari World including go kart racing, state of the art racing simulators, and of course – Ferrari’s. This is just a highlight of the amazing thrills Dubai has to offer, but it’s one we think you won’t want to miss.


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(Source: German Way)

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