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Mother’s Day is coming, and what better way to show mom how much she means to you than to give her the gift she really wants – time spent with you traveling! Here’s our roundup of favorite locations to take your mom, because she deserves it:

  1. Norway River Cruises; With the luxury of a cruise, and the intimacy of a yacht, you can take mom on a 6-12 day trip of a lifetime on Norway’s most popular way to tour the Fjords. With several booking options, this destination can be suitable for just you and mom, or the whole family too.


  1. The Amalfi Coast, Italy; Known as one of the most notoriously beautiful coastlines in Italy, the Amalfi Coast provides a backdrop any mom will remember for a lifetime. Surrounded by a postcard picturesque town filled with craft shops and other vendors and merchants, you’ll find you hardly need to go far to find everything you’re looking for on an Italian vacation. Keep an eye out for world-famous For the gifters; keep an eye out for world-famous Murano glass shops and unique ceramic shops known to draw crows from near and far.


  1. Where did your mom’s ancestors come from? Nothing makes a better gift for mom than the gift of being together with family, no matter in what form. The most meaningful place to take your mother may very well be where her family is from. Do a little research, and find out which country or general areas her genealogy traces to, and surprise mom with a truly personal gift of a lifetime. For a bonus gift, send mom the research you’ve done on the family history, we’re sure she’ll be happy to see.


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(Source: Visit Norway)


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