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What’s going on with the Airlines?

In the face of change, the airlines must too.  Their rules are changing daily, sometimes hourly, with how they process cancellations, refunds, changes, routes, and travel to certain areas.  And not all rules are created equal, as there are rules for published fare tickets purchased directly with the airlines, which most times are different from the discounted agency bookings purchased with us.  We always follow the airline’s rules for the specific ticket type you booked, which vary ticket to ticket.



When will we be able to travel again?


Here is a list of the current restricted travel zones, but it’s important to note that this list may change from day to day. In actuality we need to realize that not traveling is a choice we all have to make. Now we stay home for those that we love and ourselves, but we look forward to the near future where we can resume our plans we’ve put on hold. 


“Despite the challenges, it won’t be this way forever,” says John Lovell, president of leisure travel and supplier relations and networks at Travel Leaders Group. “Travel and tourism is a highly resilient industry that has come back again and again from diseases and natural disasters.”


Just because I can travel, does it mean I should travel?


Let’s be honest, this does not mean the end of traveling. It just means the beginning of a new way to travel. Travelers moving forward are far more likely to be consciously cleaner, healthier, and less likely to pass up on travel insurance. Consider postponing your plans instead of cancelling. When your dream destination is ready for tourists again, they will make it known, and we can advise you and help you book.


According to Wayne Smith, chairman of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the College of Charleston, chances are, your destination will immediately begin an aggressive coronavirus recovery program the moment the “all clear” signal is given.


Forbes suggests, moving forward, the traveler is best off to “Look for deals but focus on value. Assuming the coronavirus crisis is over, don’t hesitate to book if you find a bargain for late spring or summer. But don’t focus exclusively on price.”  We can help you find a ticket that’s not only a great deal, but flexible should you need to change your plans.


As always, if you are looking for up to date information on any changes or policy updates, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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