Experience Nordic Luxury in Scandinavia

The Nordic region is a mystery to many who are on the outside looking in. For most, they simply imagine snow, cold, dark winters and a whole lot of reindeer. But what you don’t know is that the entire mainland Nordic region, from Norway to Finland, is packed with luxurious and beautiful experiences for travelers to enjoy.

The Nordic lifestyle is one focused on relaxation, less stress, and a high standard of living. This can be seen in their products, services, and experiences across the board. Visiting the Nordic region can feel like a step into a brand-new way of living–and it’s pretty exciting.

Let’s talk about Nordic luxury, and what to expect when you visit northern Europe.


Breathtaking Lapland

Lapland is a region in northern Europe that encompasses most of northern Finland and Sweden. The area is known for thousands of miles of untapped nature, beautiful scenery, and unbelievable sights. Whether you visit in summer or winter, you are going to find something fun and exotic to experience.

One of the most brilliant experiences in Lapland is to spend a night (or more), in one of the famous Northern Lights Villages. In both Saariselkä Finland and Levi Finland you can find these amazingly decadent resorts known as Northern Lights Villages. These resorts feature cozy private cabins that are designed to allow you to sleep underneath the beautiful northern lights every evening.

These hotels also feature luxurious dining options, and some of the finest traditional cuisine in all of Finland. Here you can see the once in a lifetime sight of the aurora borealis and taste the exclusive flavors of Lapland.












World Class Cuisine

The Nordic region is also famous for some of the most amazing food in all of Europe. Although, it may be the best kept secret when compared to more popular destinations. Those who visit the Nordics will find that the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, is the home of 17 Michelin Star rated restaurants. The country itself is considered to be the culinary capital of the Nordic region.

If you are interested in trying world class Nordic foods prepared in the traditional way, you will find the 2-star Michelin rated Kadeau in Copenhagen. This venue serves 4 or 8 course meals inspired by the rich and exotic culinary history of the region. You will also find something a little ‘jazzier’ in the Michelin rated Kokkeriet.

While you may not immediately imagine that the Nordic region has fine dining, it might shock you how well you can eat in Scandinavia.









Focus on Relaxation

Nordic lifestyle has become focused on quality of life rather than quantity of work. The Nordic people have developed a society where locals tend to enjoy their experiences and the finer things in life more so than other nations. That is why visiting the Nordics can be perfect for those who love relaxation and comfort.

From the unbelievable and vast Sauna culture of Finland, to the luxury yacht cruises of the Norwegian fjords, you will find relaxing and breathtaking experiences all across the great northern Europe. That is why if you are looking for something completely new, while still enjoying the finer aspects of travel, the Nordics may be the perfect getaway for you.

You can avoid the clamor of tourists, and the lackluster ‘copy and paste’ feel of more famous travel destinations when you visit the Nordics. There is something truly set apart and unique about the entire region.









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