San Ramon, CA – Top 3 Most Extreme Destinations in the World

Stuck inside, and getting antsy? We sure are, and we’re still out here dreaming of our next luxury getaway. What better way to beat the feeling than with some of the world’s most extreme destinations? Read all about our top choices below, and don’t forget to book early with insurance to guarantee your best vacation ever, where you want it, and when you want it.

  1. Closest Place on Earth to Outer Space: Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador; Mount Chimborazo is an inactive volcano that hasn’t erupted since 550 AD, measuring in at just over 20,000 feet high. While we may know Mount Everest to be the tallest mountain on earth, we also know that its position on the earth’s surface is farther from the equator, rotating on the earth’s axis, whereas the peak of Mount Chimborazo is the ideal spot at the centre of the earth. What this means is that standing at the peak of this mountain will place you the closest to outer space man can ever reach on foot. With its peak completely covered by glaciers, this mountain poses a more extreme challenge to thrill seekers, and has several routes for climbers to access the top for varied skill levels.


  1. Most Treacherous Waters on Earth: Gansbaai, South Africa; Since the popularity of cage diving with Great White Sharks has taken off in recent years, we have seen that the most successful of these tours has happened in Gansbaai, South Africa. These waters have one of the densest populations of Great White sharks in the world, making Gansbaai the top destination for water loving thrill seekers. For a close up view of these deadly sharks, cage diving with a professional touring company is recommended. If you want to play it safe and steer clear of the Great Whites, whale watching is also a popular pastime in Gansbaai, both on guided tours, and on the sandy white African beaches.


  1. Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, Switzerland; The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge becomes a test of endurance as it is known as the longest hanging bridge for pedestrian use in the world. Measuring in at almost 500m long, this bridge traverses the Grabenhofer of the Lärchberg on the Höüschbiel and is 85 m above the valley at its highest point. Access is free, but only for the bold; walkers who cross this long walkway of grated slats have been known to get your adrenaline pumping. Watch out, this bridge is only open to pedestrians from May until October, so consider booking for next year.

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