San Ramon, CA – For the Difficult Traveler

Traveling with the difficult traveler? Are you the difficult traveler? Worry not – we have you covered. These tips and tricks make traveling easier for not just you, but anyone else you may be traveling with as well for the smoothest experience possible:



1. Have a Game Plan: While you won’t always need to know exactly where you want to go, you’ll want to have a game plan. It’s important to keep track of your departures and arrivals, and your travel agent’s contact information in case you have any questions while out traveling. 




2. Always be Prepared: The best way to ensure that your trip will go according to plan is to have everything you’ll need with you at any given notice. Make a point to count the number of bags you’ll be carrying with you through the airport before and after each major check point. Carry your important medications, documents and electronics with you and somewhere easily accessible to keep up the speed of the check in process. Consider looking into getting TSA precheck to cut lines and further speed up the check in process. 




3. Expect the Unexpected: Especially if you’re traveling with the difficult traveler, or self identify as one – you’ll need to come over prepared. Get anxious before flights? Head to the airport an extra hour early and consider checking out the first class lounges that may be available in your area for a relaxing head start to a flight experience.  Have a hard time on airplanes or boats? Pickup a pack of chewing gum & some anti-nausea measures before leaving home. You’ll find that prices of many basic amenities you may find easily at home will cost you more in international, tourist friendly locations. 




4. Safety First: The largest role you have to stay safe is to be vigilant and to take the proper precautions when traveling to keep yourself from becoming a target of any wrongdoings. Some must-haves in your travel kit should include a first aid kit, sunscreen, bug repellent, a photocopy of your passport, and any pertinent medical information a doctor may need about you in a moment’s notice. It’s also good to keep your travel agent’s information somewhere handy for any last minute questions or requests you may think of along the way.




5. International Travel Must Know’s: Sometimes of the year are better than others to travel. Some destinations will have an “on” or “off” season where more deals may be offered to the traveler, or less or more crowds are expected to be a part of your experience. Your Travel agent will have all of the details for you and know about the latest deals on flights and destinations to best suit your lifestyle. The earlier you let your agent know you’re interested in booking a trip, the more time they’ll have to help you find the best deals possible. By booking now with insurance, you can plan travel up to a year in advance without worry needing to change your plans later.




6. Last Minute Checks: It’s best to keep a checklist. Whether mental or on a pad, keep a list of what you’ll be doing the day of your departures so that you won’t miss any steps. No one wants to show up on their next vacation, only to realize after arriving that you’ve forgotten to pack something like a toothbrush or an international plug adaptor. Leave lots of extra wiggle room in your schedule for carving planes, trains & taxis, and always carry a good book for those unexpected delays. 



As always, we at All Business Class are here to answer all of your international travel questions, online or over the phone.


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