3 Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona That You Need to Visit ASAP

When visiting Barcelona, there are hundreds of dining options to chose from. It can be overwhelming and challenging to know which establishments are worth checking out. One thing you can be sure of however, is if a restaurant has a Michelin star, it is guaranteed to have the highest quality food. These restaurants are run by world-class chefs that serve the most decadent cuisine. Here are three of the best restaurants in Barcelona with Michelin star ratings.



Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Michelin star rating: 1

Alkimia is a small and intimate restaurant that believes in simplicity. Their main dining room consists of several petite tables, so that guests can interact with each other in a close setting. The kitchen is open to the main dining area allowing guests to watch the talented Chef Jordi Villa create his dishes. For larger parties, there are separate private dining rooms available. In line with Catalonian cuisine, Alkimia has a set menu that is based on shareable tapas, rice, grilled fishes and meats. Their dish selections change frequently depending on the season and market availability. Alkimia places high importance on sourcing their ingredients from small local producers. Those who want a quiet and intimate dining experience won’t want to miss Alkimia when visiting Barcelona.








Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Michelin star rating: 2

Enoteca is the perfect place for anyone who desires Mediterranean flavours and ocean views. With a relaxing seaside atmosphere in a bright and open space, Enoteca is sure to please guests. Chef Paco Perez’s carefully curated menu is based on the freshness of the sea and the essence of seasonal Mediterranean local farm and mountain products. He combines current cuisine styles with traditional and innovative elements. Enoteca takes pride in using quality, raw ingredients with simplicity and elegance. In addition to their main menu, they also offer a tasting menu with several dishes. The cellar, located in Enoteca, has a selection of over 700 classic and prestigious wines from all over the world.








Plaza J. F. Kennedy, Av. del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Michelin star rating: 3

ABaC is a high-class restaurant located in the ABaC Hotel. It is arguably one of the best restaurants in Barcelona and is one of the few 3-star Michelin rated establishments in the city. ABaC’s concept is based on tradition, modernity and product to create the ultimate dining experience. Chef Jordi Cruz uses only the finest ingredients to prepare dishes influenced by various cuisines but primarily Mediterranean. For example, you can find dishes that include sea urchin, stingray and sea cucumber. ABaC’s menus frequently change according to the season, and they offer an impressive tasting menu. The restaurant’s space is very inviting and intertwines contemporary and elegant elements. Guests are particularly impressed by the Chef’s creativity and say foodies need to dine here when visiting Barcelona.


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