Lafayette Park

There are simply awe-inspiring Bay views here. It has the most beautiful plants and trees, all of which are thriving here. Perfect spot to walk in the morning. While I was visiting the bay, I discovered it and instantly fell in love. Every morning of our visit, I went to the park, which was very close to our Air BNB. I enjoy walking in the mornings because it is a way to anticipate and prepare for the day ahead. In San Francisco it was a foggy week, but there were times when it was very clear out, and it was always thrilling to catch when I could. However, Lafayette Park was a gem, be it clear or fog. I saw two individuals practicing Tai Chi, I saw people walking their dogs, I saw a vast array of crops and flora, and I liked the amazing views when the fog cleared. Try Lafayette Park for yourself, and see what it has to offer. I found it very charming, and a nice flavor of city life. Before coming here I was nervous because I like nature and trees, so two weeks in the pure city wasn’t something I was looking forward to. However, walking to the park became something that I looked forward to, and I discovered that with the help of the park, I really grew to appreciate the city life.

My daughter simply loves this park with all her heart. The park always seems alive, and we always are seeing and meeting new people here. There are always lots of people who walk their dogs (or allow them to go around the doggy park) as well as lots of kids and infants playing with their parents / nanny at the playground. I enjoy the playground’s smooth rubber floor so nobody gets skinned knees, hands, faces, etc.! I appreciate the thought that was put into building this park. People also seem to believe that the top of the mountain was always windy, but I always found that, for some reason, when you reach the playground, the winds are calmer than when you come up to the roads. Overall it is a very lovely park, and I am very glad that it is so close to our house so I can take my daughter!

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