Travel Agency Duboce Park

Do you just want a nice calm picnic, or a nice lie down in the park but do not like to cope with crowds or the hassle of the Golden Gate? Come to Duboce! With great location, the crowds are never an issue here, and you can get out and just relax, with your own space. There is plenty of grass, sunshine, and space to go around at this park! I love this as a personal get-away! This is a very safe park with good people, and very friendly dogs watching over the park. The playground itself is best for younger children, but older children still have fun. Out on the lawn there is plenty of room to play football, and there is also a nice basketball court to shoot some hoops on.

This park reminds me of Dolores Park, but in more of a miniature version kind of way. Mostly in the sense that Safeway & Whole Foods is a little closer than at Dolores Park, which makes it much better in my opinion. The individuals here are clean, quiet and friendly. If you want a place to chill and have the convenience of grocery stores nearby, I strongly suggest this place. I love coming here to study and hang out with my friends. We will make a quick run to the store for snacks, then we will just set out towels and spend the day studying here. If we forgot something it’s no big deal! I love this place, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice and safe hang out spot. It is one of the most lovely parks of the city, that’s for sure. In addition to being a nice hang out spot, there are two large children’s playgrounds-one for younger kids and one for older kids. The basketball courts are also pretty fun, because they have some standard hoops, and then some that are only about 8’ tall for younger kids to practice on! A super inclusive park, with great ideas and energy.

This has to be San Francisco’s finest dog park, hands down. When I lived close by to the park, I used to take my sister’s dog, and we would go and spend hours there, together. My only wish is that there would be more of a fence in order to bring a stricter type of fencing between the trains / street and the park, in order to protect animals from the street.

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