Transamerica Pyramid

All I can say right now. Is that it’s deep and the Pyramid is Holy. I feel at peace when I’m there. I love San Francisco Bay Area and the beach is great too. Lovely and peaceful.

Great tower to view. Since its a commercial building we couldn’t get entry to visit inside it.

Such an iconic landmark, worth seeing and visiting from a ton of different viewpoints in the city. A really unique and individual part of the San Francisco skyline. You get a good vantage point from a few piers as well as some neighborhoods nearby that have good direct views.

A unique looking building. Beautiful in its own way. From a distance looks tall but when I visualize ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER next to it in my mind, I realize that this uniquely beautiful building is half the height of NYC’s iconic tower. Transamerica Pyramid is also a very iconic building and is San Francisco’s alone much like how Empire State is to NYC. A wonderful iconic structure to appreciate. Can be seen from nearly anywhere in SF.

So beautiful! We sadly couldn’t go up any higher besides the lobby.

This is one of the most impressive skyscrapers in California. Its narrowing to the top shape of a pyramid is a very good solution for such a tall building in a highly seismic area, as San Francisco is for example.

It is no secret to anyone that San Andreas fault passes through the city, which is responsible for sudden and powerful earthquakes. With its 260 m, the skyscraper is the symbol of San Francisco and stands out clearly on the skyline of the city from afar.

The building was completed in the early 70’s and since then is an important tourist attraction of this beautiful and cultural city.

A real impressive building. You are , however, not allowed to go up there since it has been closed for the public. Nevertheless, he staff inside the building is very nice and answer any questions for stupid tourist like me.