Greenwich Steps

Beautiful walk, or should I say climb up Telegraph Hill you’ll end up near Coit Tower. Definitely a worthwhile addition to any true visit to San Francisco, but not for the faint at heart it’ll give your legs a workout. You sort of have to wonder what the folks living on Telegraph Hill do with their groceries anyway the views are fantastic and definitely a worthwhile walk if the day is misty, overcast and drizzly make sure you bring your camera.

Makes for a good hike up Telegraph Hill. I’ll often add this to a walk around the city for out-of-towners because the views are beautiful and the hike up feels very different from most of the rest of San Francisco. Just be respectful when you climb them, as there are people who live here and don’t want randos walking up to their front doors.

They are stairs, what else can you say? Certainly feels easier than hiking up the steep streets around here. Kind of neat how they wind past houses and through what feels like a jungle up to Coit Tower, though!

A beautiful series of stairs up to Coit tower. Lots of gorgeous plants and flowers. There are often wild parrots hanging out in the trees. Walking these stairs is the equivalent of 25 flights of stairs so plan accordingly!

Wonderful and steep way up to the Telegraph Hill. Hidden gem. we saw a lot of green parrots!

A hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco. If you are willing to walk up close to 400 step and have an amazing view going up or down then I would highly recommend it. A mini jungle if you will.