Autodesk Gallery

The gallery of Autodesk in San Francisco offers great insight in the future of fabrication and design. Very interesting 3d printed pieces exposed and an array of projects where novel techniques of fabrication were employed. It is really worth a visit!

The gallery is a great place to marvel at what one of the more venerated Silicon Valley tech companies, Autodesk, enables for its customers, who build the world, literally. (Full disclosure: I work at Autodesk). You cannot beat the price though. It is free for the general public.

Great practical, hands on training. Immediately applicable to real world workflows for instant time savings.

A must visit I suggest in San Francisco. Loved displays with audio tour- a visual treat.

This was a fascinating place to visit, and the formal tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. If you have any interest in Autodesk or innovative companies in general, this should be a place you visit!

Very cool place that showcases how technology can be used to make great things.

Great little free interactive gallery, really enjoyed my visit.

I love love love Autodesk Gallery. I was in charge of throwing a networking event for my company. Michelle, Melissa and David were so helpful and in the event went off without a hitch. I’ll be back to throw an event again. Thank you Autodesk Gallery for bringing fun and culture in the City.

We just had our daughter’s fifth birthday at Autodesk Gallery and could not have been more thrilled. The teachers had all the kids mesmerized while they learned to make wonderful clay doggies. The mac n cheese for the kids and their families was the icing on the cake. Great job Autodesk Gallery for an exceptional party!

Loved the last Design Night. Great food, great drinks, fun activities, and an excellent speaker. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Love this place, it is a dream of mine to have my art displayed on their walls some day 🙂 They have excellent events, great sound system, two bars and amazing artwork! Love this gallery.

Fascinating look at new and emerging technology in a variety of fields.