450 Sutter Building

Working at doctor Mosser’s office were amazing. But parking lot attendants were a little different. There was a mark on our passenger door that wasn’t there before we parked. But nothing was done to help the matter for us. Not happy.

Awesome 24 hour Parking parking 10 bucks an hour for San Francisco it’s not bad!

Interesting office building, I don’t like Art deco that much but is an interesting example of it. Very clean and the receptionist and the rest of the attendants in the lobby are courteous and helpful.

The Building has an old fashioned downtown San Francisco ambiance that is part of the experience: going to get my teeth worked on has turned into something more unique and fun than previously thought! The Parking lot is a huge part of this ease. The Elevators work, and we are ushered into these roomy elevators by a person in uniform.

Beautiful bldg, my surgeon’s ofc is there – great deli on street floor, reasonable, efficient & honest valet parking.

San Francisco Landmark Medical Dental building. Both my dentist (Dr. Arabatyn @ Sutter Dental) and my new Periodontist (Dr. Olivares @ SF Perio) are here so I’ve (how might Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady put it?)…I’ve grown accustomed to this place over the last 25 years. Elevator Attendants, spectacular SF views from the upper floors and construction that will likely withstand the next Big One.

Such a beautiful building, all of the architectural elements are stunning in the main lobby and floor lobbies. So many of my health care professionals are based here, it’s very convenient. If I recall correctly, they alternate toilets by floor men’s or women’s, so you may need to go up or down a floor. An elevator operator is unusual these days!